MIS welcomes boarders

from 10 years old

Boarding at MIS provides a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment in which to learn, play and grow. Our four boarding houses –  Twiga* (junior boys), Simba (senior boys) and Chui ( junior girls),  Duma (senior girls) – are effectively a home away from home for our boarders, and we are proud of our commitment to making boarding as positive an experience as it can be.

Boarders are well cared for and supported in all aspects of their personal life. The strong relationships in the boarding community enable the children to feel safe, happy and confident. Weekend activities and trips are organised on Saturdays by the teaching staff and vary from sporting and outdoor activities to movie and quiz nights.

* twiga = giraffe, simba = lion, chui = leopard, duma = cheetah

Our environment

Community is at the heart of Morogoro International School

MIS aims to provide a social environment which will allow each boarder to realise his or her full potential as a well-educated, well-balanced member of society, capable of taking a mature approach to life. Our staff work to guide each child to be the best version of themselves, and to support them in resolving any issues. As we are a small school, each individual child is known, allowing us to be fully aware of individual needs and personalities.

Life in Boarding

Finding a balance

The unique atmosphere and wonderful environment, coupled with the fact that it is a small school, all mean that the staff knows each child on a personal level and helps them flourish in a home-like, caring and nurturing environment.

 The boarding environment at MIS offers students the advantage of more time and space for a full education, while many day children in big cities have to cope with the increasingly congested roads in and around the city, which steal away so many precious hours of learning and fun. The children have time to enjoy sport, music or drama, play with their friends or just relax in dorms reading a book. 

At MIS we believe that a love of learning needs to be supported by a healthy body and active mind. Our students enjoy well balanced, varied and delicious meals that encourage boarders to feel at home.

“Moro Munch” the school canteen rotates menus on a bi-weekly basis and they are created with input from staff and students. As much as possible, the food offered is produced using locally sourced, sustainable fresh ingredients prepared on site by the catering team. The kitchens provide special meals and all dietary requirements are catered for.

Boarding Handbook

The boarding houses are single sex, each are supervised by a caring resident Houseparent, a matron and various supervising teachers. The students’ dorm rooms vary in size and can accommodate 2 up to 6 students. The older students have 2-person bedrooms which allows for more quiet study. 

Every boarding house has a common room with TV and entertainment facilities. The house provides an opportunity for students to socialise and to get to know fellow students from different countries and backgrounds. 

independence and


We offer many opportunities for children to develop leadership skills and a sense of responsibility. We encourage all boarders to be independent and responsible for their own belongings and routine.  They have to keep their areas tidy and manage their free time so they are ready for school, clubs or meals at the appropriate time. Boarders develop independence, confidence and responsibility, which are such important qualities for life in general.

activities on the


At weekends, a wide range of activities is available for boarders. This is to ensure that all children are busy and making the most of everything that Morogoro has to offer. While there is plenty of free time for children to study, play with friends or just hang out, there are also several structured activity slots, to help ensure Saturdays and Sundays are full of fun and never boring. These include Uluguru hiking trips, fun runs, sports tournaments, free swimming, game nights, movie nights, quizzes and  so much more.



Monthly events

Teaching Staff



Location: P.O. Box 1015
Morogoro, Tanzania

Phone: +255 715 794 864 (office hours)

Email: headteacher@mis.co.tz

School Hours: Mon-Thu: 7:40am - 2:45pm, Fri: - 12 pm

How it all began

Morogoro International School is one of the oldest genuine international schools in Tanzania having opened its doors to its campus within the grounds of Sokoine University in 1976. It moved to its present site on the edge of the town of Morogoro on the Dodoma road in 1992. Initially a primary school serving a predominately expatriate families, MIS expanded into secondary school education in 2005 with its first cohort of IGCSE exam students sitting in 2010. In August 27th, 2015 we began offering A levels in 6th Form.