Morogoro International School (MIS) made a triumphant return to the swimming arena last weekend as it hosted its comeback, multi-school swimming gala since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. This event, took place on Saturday, October 7th, and Sunday, October 8th, setting a new benchmark for swimming galas at MIS.

Swimming Gala Outcomes

Cups and medals of the MIS Swimming Gala 2023

Awards and accolades were an essential part of this competitive event. MIS itself emerged as a strong contender in the competition, clinching an impressive count of medals:

Gold Medals: 24
Silver Medals: 26
Bronze Medals: 36

The MIS campus came alive for this gala, and it was clear that everyone was thrilled to be back in action. Over the course of the weekend, 78 exhilarating swimming events took place, with participants ranging from the youngest swimmer, the remarkable Oliver from Aga Khan School, who was just 5 years old, to seasoned competitors in their teens. The event was a heartwarming reminder of the resilience and spirit of young athletes and the entire school community.

Visiting teams and supporters cheer their  swimmers on at the MIS Swimming Gala 2023

These achievements are a testament to the dedication, talent, and hard work of MIS swimmers and coach Mbaraka. It’s clear that MIS is working to establish itself as a force to be reckoned with in Tanzanian swimming.

In addition to the medal count, the MIS team reached another remarkable milestone. A total of 142 personal bests were achieved by the school’s athletes, underscoring that the biggest victory of all was the extraordinary progress, growth, and dedication demonstrated by the MIS participants.

What set this gala apart was its unique approach to age groups. Unlike conventional competitions, where age groupings dictate medal allocation, this gala based its medals on final placement, a concept that rewarded sheer determination and skill over age. This inclusive approach allowed participants to truly showcase their talent.

12&U Breastroke Girls

Nine Schools Compete in Swimming Events

A total of nine different schools from across Tanzania joined the festivities, contributing to the gala’s rich tapestry of diversity. The schools in attendance included Braeburn, FEZA, Aga Khan, Haven of Peace Academy (HOPAC), the French School, DIS, FK International School, EA Pre-Primary, and, of course, MIS. The medal count and personal bests revealed the impressive scope of talent, with 45 swimmers competing from these schools.

The competition also had its overall winners. Aga Khan emerged as the champion with an impressive total of 2245 points, showcasing their excellence in swimming. In second place, MIS held its ground with 1690 points, marking a commendable performance. DIS secured third place with a total of 1230 points, highlighting the fierce competition and the determination of all participating schools.

But the true magic of the event lay in the collaboration between students and teachers in planning and execution. The entire MIS community came together, showcasing their dedication and passion. The result was nothing short of a triumph, leaving other schools deeply impressed by the level of organization and commitment on display.

Tarek gives a big thumbs up at the Swimming Gala!

Visitors who attended couldn’t help but praise the gala’s well-laid schedule and punctuality. The event showcased Morogoro International School in the best possible light and left visitors with a very positive experience.

In conclusion, Morogoro International School’s first post-COVID swimming gala was a success and a testament to the power of collaboration, dedication, and passion within the school community. We look forward to future editions of this event and the continued growth of the sport of swimming in Tanzania. It’s clear that the ripples of this event will be felt for years to come, uniting students and schools and creating a legacy of excellence, all while marking a triumphant return to normalcy after the challenges posed by the pandemic. Thank you to everyone who made this event a memorable success!

This monumental event would not have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors. A heartfelt thank you goes out to Pepsi Tanzania, Thai Kani Restaurant in Dar es Salaam, Agave, Afy Water, ATN Gas stations, and Untamed Tanzania for their invaluable contributions. Their support ensured that the gala ran smoothly and will leave a lasting impact on the students and schools involved.

MIS Swimming Gala 2023 Sponsors