Sports day was a beautiful warm sunny day appropriate for one of the most anticipated days in the calendar. It was one of the greatest days we have had this year at MIS and the atmosphere at the school took a festive look. Everyone was extremely excited about it. Students have been preparing for a few weeks, and everyone was focused on doing their best to give their houses an opportunity to shine.

The runners set off at MIS Sportsday 2021

Divided into their four houses, the day started with the students performing an exciting team parade. All houses performed, choreography spread the necessary energy levels and inspired their athletes to perform at their best.

The day progressed with several events prepared for the different age groups (EY, Primary and Secondary). A variety of events, such as the bean bag relay race, long jump, 100m sprint to the 1500m run, allowed the resilience, cooperation, togetherness and competitive spirit of our students to shine.

The last activity was the canon relay race, where students, parents and teachers had the opportunity to race and work together as a team to achieve the most desired first place. The day finished with the awards announced by our Head Mistress, and the winners of the Sports Day Cup and Spirit Cup were Ruaha and Kilimanjaro respectively.

Entertaining, cheerful and accomplishment were the words used by some of our students to describe the day. Joao, Head of PE, would add onto this list the word community! The MIS sense of community flourished once again during the Sports Day, bringing everyone together (parents, students and teachers), in a spirit of companionship and openness that contributed to “empowering our learners to build confidence, take pride in what they do and contribute to the global community”.