The Mathematics Department held its annual Maths Week from 4 to 8 October 2021. The motto of the event was “Fun with Mathematics”. During the week students took part in solving puzzles and playing maths games. It also included the composing of mathematics songs and dance moves. Through participating in these activities, learners were able to explore other avenues of life which are stimulating and life changing through mental and physical involvement. Then on the 8th of October 2021, the four houses, Kilimanjaro, Victoria, Uluguru and Ruaha competed for the Maths Week Trophy. Students were involved in various challenging games, debates on issues related to the importance of Mathematics and more.

House Team Kilimanjaro take a stab at the maths problem for Maths Week Assembly

They also listened to presentations made by the Professor of Virology and a Doctor – Department of Mathematics (Sokoine University of Agriculture). The speeches made had a huge impact as students were able to link the importance of Mathematics with other subjects.

End of Maths Week Assembly

House teams compete in Maths

Maths week fun at MIS

The houses competed amongst each other and at the end, Kilimanjaro House won the competition. The winning house got a trophy and cake while the house that came second got a cake. There was jubilation as that was Kilimanjaro’s first win after so many years of trying. WELL DONE KILIMANJARO AND THE OTHER HOUSES FOR OFFERING AN EXCITING COMPETITION. The other houses which did not manage to scoop the trophy felt challenged and they promised to do their best next year since the Maths Week Event is held once per year.

House Kilimanjaro win the Maths Week Competition

Through this Maths Week Event, it has helped students in developing leadership skills as they worked as teams, a sense of responsibility and enhancing critical thinking skills through innovation and creativity.