Accomplishment. “the completion of a certain goal or achievement”. In this case one of the first achievements in beginning a new chapter for the class of 2021. Many of us seek knowledge in others for example how students look for knowledge in teachers whereas in this case we have discovered ourselves through the graduates.

Graduation is like a bridge to the next part of your life, and everything that got you here—hard work, drive and confidence—is going to carry you across to the future you deserve. The class of 2021 graduates were not only a fun group of people to be around, they were also a constructive factor in many of our lives- through the ups and downs, the twists and turns- a group we will always cherish.

All of these bittersweet stories and memories being enclosed by the MIS graduation on the 12th June. This celebration was an eye opener to how we are choosing to do in the coming future. There were a lot of different emotions that were being felt at that moment, some being feelings of emotion and other being feelings of realisation.

The overall feeling was one of being expected to leave behind what has passed and apply that in their upcoming chapters, we try to hold on to what we can and so have they whether it be friends, family, or even the things we love, and as much as they tried to hold onto them all of them seemed to escape their grasp before they knew it. But we learned that just because they leave doesn’t mean they are forgotten; they have left a legacy that will be honoured and eternalised.

The ceremony was filled with laughter and tears, pride and excitement for the graduates, a whirlwind of emotions for the remaining school family-AS level and O level students-. From heartfelt speeches given by our teachers, to the tragicomic oration given by our lovely Head Girl – Nia and Head Boy – Yuki; To the precious songs performed by Mr. Justin, Faraja and Alan and the memorable performance given by everyone’s favourite Mr. Nsekela.

It was definitely an event to remember, that will forever be cherished in our hearts.

Congratulations Morogoro International School Class of 2021! We wish you all the best as you venture out to new journeys all across the world. You have made us very proud. Always remember your MIS experiences, family and values.